Patrick Binakis Hung Up On The Victim When The Stolen Money Was Mentioned

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The Fraud

A successful con artist gains the complete trust of his mark before he takes their money. This is what happened when successful con artist George Binakis, principal of Bespoke Contracting and Design Inc., defrauded one of his recent victims in a contractor fraud scheme. George had successfully completed a renovation the previous year for the victims and when they called upon him to renovate another property, he gladly took them on. He claimed to have heart issues and although he was a relatively young man, even claimed to have required a pacemaker. Because of the previous renovation, he had their complete trust, so much so that when he disappeared with their $65,000 their first thought was that he must have died or had a major medical issue. So concerned were they that they called the workers who had previously handled the 1st renovation to see if they could connect to a family member to learn more about his well being.

Patrick Binakis' Role

This is where lawyer Patrick Binakis enters the picture. The victims call him expecting to learn of a hospital stay or possibly even death. But instead, Patrick claims to have no contact with George. And when money is mentioned, Patrick hangs up on them.

Shortly thereafter, another family member of the victims reaches Patrick who first hangs up on him. On a subsequent call Patrick tells him that he has limited contact with his brother. The family then reaches out to a friend of George who contacts Patrick and expresses concerns for his health and is told, "He is getting better." This last response doesn't sound like someone who has no contact with George.

While there is no direct evidence that Patrick Paraskivas Binakis is complicit in the fraud, what are we to make of these conflicting stories? Is he attempting to protect his brother from accountability?

The family recently learned of another victim of George and are seeking to work with them to seek legal remedy against George. Prosecutors will certainly want to know what role if any Patrick played in this scheme.

Early Warnings

Among the early signs of malfeasance are the fact that George wanted cash or checks made out to him personally, not his company. The checks were then cashed by a bank located in Richmond, Virginia. Some of the claims of funds needed as advances for subcontractors proved false when the contractors denied receiving any retainers. The con was so successful that even the subcontractors felt that George would never steal from a client and adamantly stated so. They all now know otherwise.

Help Locate George And/Or Share Your Experience

The victims of George's fraud are seeking answers to the mystery of the sudden disappearance of George and their money.

If you or anyone you know has been victimized The publishers of this post would like to help you publicize your story in the hopes that it may inspire others to come forward. Go to or to read a more complete accounting of this fraud, and fill out the form. You don't have to reveal anything personal other than the fact that you were a victim of George Binakis.

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